National Chemistry Week – Oct 19 Dr Ian Hawrth
National Chemistry Week – Oct 20 Dr Krishna Kallury
AIAA LA LV October 10 Mark Hasara
AIAA LA LV September 29 Career Development in Crisis
AIAA LA LV September 26 Tony Davenport
AIAA LA LV September 19 CU Cubesat Dr Palo and students
AIAA LA LV September 19 UNLV NTPR Valerie Lawdensky
AIAA LA LV September 12 eTown Hall with Steve Lee and Dr Harold White
AIAA LA-LV September 5 2020 Bill Gerstenmaier, Dan Dumbacher, Bruce Banerdt, and Frank Czopek
AIAA LA LV August 29 2020 eTown Hall Meeting with Alan Chan and Cornelius Neil Cosentino
AIAA LA-LV August 22 2020 Space Architecture Gathering
AIAA LA LV Section August 15 Aerospace Women’s Career Day Event
AIAA LA-LV August 8 2020 e-Town Hall Meeting – Col Charlie Vono
AIAA LA-LV August 1 2020 e-Town Hall Meeting – Dr. James A Martin
AIAA LA-LV July 27 2020 YP Trivia Night
AIAA LA LV July 11 Honoring Aerospace African American Professionals
AIAA LA LV July 11 e-Town Hall with Dr. Aki Roberge and Mr. John Thornron
June 19 AIAA LA LV Celebrates Juneteenth with Tyrone Jacobs Jr and other aerospace leaders
Dr. Anju Gupta’s presentation on June 13, 2020 in the AIAA LA-LV e-Town Hall Meeting
AIAA LA-LV May 23 e-Town Hall Meeting
May 22, 2020: e-Gallery Reception / e-Happy Hour: Meet the Artists / Virtual Aerospace Art Gallery
AIAA LA LV Aero Alumi May 20, 2020: Effects of Volcano Ash on Aviation 40 Years after Mt. St. Helens
May 16, 2020 First Ever AAA LA-LV Talent Show
AIAA LA LV May 9 Pre History of GPS by Frank Czopek
May 2nd, 2020 AIAA LA LV e-Town Hall Meeting with Michael Staab and Shawn Boike
April 25 Dr Sonwane Dr Brady Prof. Thangavelu
April 25 Earth Day Marty Waldman & Craig Smith
April 25 Earth Day Panel Discussion
April 25 Earth Day Presentation Brett Cornick
April 25 Earth Day Presentation Prof Sidhu audio
April 25 Earth Day Presentation Prof Sidhu AUDIO ONLY

April 18 Dr. Chandrashekhar Sonwane
April 18 Shawn Boike
April 18 Fred Lawler
April 18 Marty Waldman
April 18 Brett Cornick
April 18 John Rose (Welcome)
April 18 Prof. Joyce Y. Liao
April 18 Matthew Kuhns
April 18 Moises Seraphin
April 18 Larry Trager and Dr. Cheng-Yi Lu
Aero Alumni April 15, 2020 Apollo 13 50th Anniversary Online Commemoration
AIAA LA-LV e-Yuri’s Night 2020 (April 11, 2020)
e-Town Hall Meeting on April 11, 2020 Part I Michelle Rouch
AIAA LA-LV e-Happy Hour April 2, 2020
Agenda for March 28
AIAA LA LV e-Town Hall Meeting March 28, 2020 (Part II)
AIAA LA LV e-Town Hall Meeting March 28, 2020 (Part I)
AIAA LA LV e-Town Hall Meeting March 28, 2020 (Part III)
AIAA ASCEND Launch Video (for 16-18 November, 2020, in Las Vegas, NV)
Voyagers 40th Anniversary (Nov. 2017)
AIAA LA-LV Section

Space Tourism (2013)
AIAA LA Section

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