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(July 11, 2020 PM) AIAA LA-LV Honors Aerospace African American Professionals

*Event information:*August 15th Aerospace Women’s Career Day: *Recording uploaded on YouTube: *AIAA LA-LV YouTube Channel: * *Links about Mr. Shelby Jacobs: and Congressional Record *Links provided by Dr. Christianna Taylor *Links provided by Dr. Lindsay racism was defined by Sir William Macpherson in the UK’s Lawrence report (1999) as: “The collective failure of […]

(June 27, 2020) Planetary Defense and Asteroid Exploration e-mini-Conference 2020

*Event Information: *Shared Slides: *presentation video recording Part I: *presentation video recording Part II:  *Phil Groves’ “Asteroid Hunters” Trailer: *AIAA LA-LV YouTube Channel: