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(June 19, 2020) AIAA LA LV Celebrates Juneteenth with Tyrone Jacobs Jr. and other aerospace leaders

RSVP and Information: YouTube video: AIAA LA-LV Channel on YouTube: Visits: 158 Today: 1

(May 22, 2020 e-Happy Hour) e-Gallery Reception: Meet the Artists: Michelle Rouch, Mark Pestana, and Aldo Spadoni

RSVP and Information:¬† Virtual Online Aerospace Art Gallery (May 9 – July 11, 2020): YouTube video link: YouTube AIAA LA-LV Channel:¬† Visits: 187 Today: 12

AIAA LA-LV e-Happy Hour April 2, 2020

Event information: Event video on YouTube: YouTube Channel Event video on Engage @ AIAA LA-LV Visits: 28 Today: 0

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