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(January 23, 2021) e-Town Hall Meeting with Dr. Swati Saxena and Mr. Stephen Thomas

RSVP and Information: Video Recording: AIAA YouTube Channel:AIAA YouTube Channel: Agenda: (See below) Presentation slides (PDF) by Dr. Swati Saxena Links provided by Dr. Swati Saxena

(January 18, 2021) AIAA LA-LV Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

RSVP and Information: Video Recording:on AIAA YouTube Channel: YouTube Channel: TV interview link for Mr. Shelby Jacobs:Newspaper cover page news San Diego Tribune January 18, 2021 cover page news San Diego Tribune January 18, 2021 short video (Apollo Saturn V Camera) Link provided by Mr. Santosh KumarGen. Benjamin O. Davis Jr. Barracks Tour Constitution: Abolition […]

(December 19, 2020) AIAA LA-LV Space Architecture Gathering

RSVP & Information: YouTube AIAA LA-LV Channel: Video upload: (See Below) ;Also on YouTube:Part I: Part II: —————————— —————————— Agenda: (See Below) Video Timing: Part 1: 00:00:00 Prof. Madhu Thangavelu (Introduction – Part 1)00:10:17 Prof. Bernard Foing – Advanced Projects, European Space Agency00:30:50 Mr. Keelan Garde & Mr. Daniel Lin – CRADLE Simulator, […]

(December 10, 2020) Young Professional Meeting: Leveraging Your Network for Success

RSVP and Information: YouTube AIAA LA-LV Channel: Meeting video upload: (See Below) ; Also on YouTube: —————————— Agenda: (See Below)

(December 5, 2020) Aerospace Digitalization, Mars City Design Contest, NEO Planetary Defense

(Dec. 5) Digitalization – the crucial advantage for the modern aerospace program | Does art really have its place in the space mission design? | Protecting Planet Earth from NEO-NEA RSVP and Information: AIAA LA-LV Channel: Agenda see belowVideo (Part I: Mr. Dale Tutt) See below, also on YouTube: Video (Part II: Ms. Vera […]

(November 21, 2020) e-Town Hall Meeting with Dr. Henry B. Garrett and Mr. Lynn Jenson

(November 21, 2020) Interstellar Flight Environments and Effects by Dr. Henry B. Garrett | Boeing EA-18G Growler by Mr. Lynn Jenson RSVP and Information: Video Link: AIAA LA-LV Channel: Agenda see belowVideo (Part I) See below

(November 14, 2020) AIAA LA-LV e-Town Hall Meeting with Todd Barber, Dr Swati Saxena, Dr Stephen Bryen

Voyager 1 & 2: Humanity’s Most Distant Explorers (+Neptune/Uranus) (Todd Barber) | Modeling & Simulation Best Practices to Help Fight COVID-19 (Dr. Swati Saxena) | Best Taiwan Defense Strategy (Dr. Stephen Bryen) RSVP and Information: Video Link: AIAA LA-LV Channel: Agenda (see below)PDF Slides from Dr. Swati Saxena (See Below)Video Upload (see below)

(November 7, 2020) Perlan Project Glider Soars into History by Jim Payne | Time-Sensitive Air Refueling Mission by Lt. Col. Mark Hasara

RSVP and information: on YouTube: AIAA LA-LV Channel:

(August 31, 2020) AIAA LA-LV Member Spotlight on Col. Mark Pestana

Mark PestanaPilot- Engineer-ArtistAIAA Senior Member Mark Pestana, Colonel, USAF (ret), is a research pilot, aerospace human factors engineer, and consultant for NASA, DOD, and the FAA, and teaches aerospace safety as adjunct faculty at University of Southern California. He’s flown over 5000 hours in over 30 aircraft types, from heavy transport to supersonic jet. As […]