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(June 27, 2020) Planetary Defense and Asteroid Exploration e-mini-Conference 2020

*Event Information: *Shared Slides: *presentation video recording Part I: *presentation video recording Part II:  *Phil Groves’ “Asteroid Hunters” Trailer: *AIAA LA-LV YouTube Channel: Visits: 328 Today: 32

(June 15, 2020) AIAA Member Spotlight on Matthew Kuhns

Matthew KuhnsAIAA LA-LV MemberChief Engineer, Masten Space Systems, Inc.I am a kid who never grew out of wanting to be an astronaut. Once I discovered you could build spaceships in addition to flying them, I was hooked. My father helped by teaching me about the planets and getting me a telescope when I was 10.In […]

(June 19, 2020) AIAA LA LV Celebrates Juneteenth with Tyrone Jacobs Jr. and other aerospace leaders

RSVP and Information: YouTube video: AIAA LA-LV Channel on YouTube: Visits: 157 Today: 2

e-Town Hall Meeting with Dr. Claire Leon, Dr. Anju Gupta, and Mr. Kevin McNulty

*video recording for Dr. Anju Gupta’s presentation: *AIAA LA-LV YouTube Channel: Visits: 381 Today: 18

(June 2, 2020) AIAA Member Spotlight on Prof. Azad M. Madni

Dr. Azad M. Madni “Entrepreneur, Researcher, Educator, Mentor” AIAA Fellow Professor, Astronautical EngineeringExecutive Director, System Architecting & Engineering ProgramDirector, Distributed Autonomy and Intelligent Systems LaboratoryUniversity of Southern California Azad M. Madni is an entrepreneur, researcher, educator, author, and mentor. An AIAA Fellow and AIAA/ASEE Leland Atwood Award recipient, he is currently a Professor of Astronautical […]

AIAA Los Angeles – Las Vegas Section May 2020 Newsletter

1 The East is Red – 50 Years of China in Space 2 ICBM Sustainers Kept the Weapon System Effective for Decades 3 COVID living as a proxy for life in space 4 Connecting to space through dark night skies 5 Astrobotic to Develop New Commercial Payload Service for NASA’s Human Landing System 6 New […]

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